July 20, 2020
Lobby signs
Bay Films

More Than Meets The Eye

What’s your favorite Michael Bay film? We all have one. It’s why it was such an honor for us to do the Bay Films/Plantinum Dunes Lobby sign.
As soon as you walk into the lobby or any structure that Mr. Bay is involved with, you will notice how perfect the architecture is to it’s finest detail. Mr. Bay is also very hands on in how his office looks and was very involved in how he wanted his lobby signs.
Mr. Bay at the time of this project was working on his latest Transformer movie in London. We sent him several material samples for him to see and feel. He signed off on the STAINLESS STEEL REVERSE CHANNEL LETTERS that is seen in the pics. By the time he returned from shooting, he was greeted with a beautiful new lobby sign, as well as a custom desk sign.
We appreciate our clients with a keen eye for detail and perfection, as we strive to do the same with every sign or product we make. There’s always more than meets the eyes in Michael Bay’s Films and our signs. We can’t wait for the new Top Gun by the way!