Custom ADA Sign Design & Installation

As your Los Angeles ADA signage consultants, it is our mission to design and install custom ADA signs for your commercial space that fully satisfy the requirements laid out by the Federal Standards for Accessible Design. It is an important step for architects, builders, and contractors to include ADA compliant signs within their building’s design to help ensure that occupants and visitors have equal access to important information regardless of ability or background. By incorporating braille, pictograms, and multi-lingual wording, you’re able to clearly convey messages to a much larger portion of the public. This both meets federal regulations and expands the range of customers with whom you can communicate.

The first thing our team considers when producing custom ADA signage ensuring that the final design fully satisfies the most recent ADA standards as outlined by the Department of Justice in the Americans with Disabilities Act. First signed into law in July 1990, the intent of the ADA was to protect the broad interests of the disabled community, including the right to equal employment, beneficial healthcare, and accessible public signage. The ADA has most recently been revised in 2010 in the Federal Register to include clarifications and updated requirements, all of which can be viewed here.

Once the ADA visibility standards have been met, our expert team works directly with the client to plan out the finalized design. We have years of experience in working with contractors, builders, and architects to find solutions that are ADA compliant, presentable, and appropriate for the design scheme of the building.

Our Los Angeles custom ADA sign design and installation services are carried out by our in-house ADA department, which has been able to establish custom ADA solutions for a wide variety of spaces, including schools, medical facilities, hotels, apartment buildings, airports, office buildings, movie theaters, and museums. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times, so we can accommodate even the strictest of deadlines at short notice.

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